Blonde Poison

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Zu Gast im OFF

starring mulit-award winning actress: 

Fiona Ramsay

directed by:

Janna Ramos-Violante

Blonde Poison reunites the exciting creative talents of South African actress Fiona Ramsay and director Janna Ramos-Violante, in a play about beauty, treachery and the high price of survival in a world beset with mistrust, espionage and duplicity.  
Fiona Ramsay plays Stella Goldschlag, living illegally in war torn Berlin where she was betrayed, beaten and tortured. When offered the chance of saving herself and her parents from the death camps, she became a “greifer” or ‘catcher’ for the Gestapo giving information and ‘ratting’ on Jews in hiding. Stella’s character ranges from a tortured and pitiful victim to a callous cruel agent of death,
from a beloved and loving daughter and to the pitiless betrayer of friends and from gentle and tender lover to a woman of depraved and decadent promiscuity. She was dubbed the Marilyn Monroe of Berlin and awarded the alias Blonde Poison by the Gestapo, who embroiled her in the murky world of
espionage and treachery. Decades after the war Stella agrees to an interview with a childhood friend, now a respected journalist – which offers her a last chance at redemption. Can she ever be released
from her past? Despite the choices Stella made she is not necessarily a villain, and Stella forces the audience to confront our own humanity, raising questions of ethical and moral choice and acknowledging the cruelty that resides within us all. Set against the backdrop of the Holocaust, Blonde Poison is a morality tale posing the central question: What would I have done in her place?
The play encourages us all to confront our humanity, and the choices we make when threatened with certain deportation, possible displacement, vicious persecution and horrors of war. Blonde Poison was the first play is written by South African playwright Gail Louw now living in the UK. Don’t miss the opportunity to the multi-award winning actress, Fiona Ramsay, in this ENGLISH production at the OFF theater for 2 performances only! 

Blonde Poison (Zu Gast im OFF)